4 FAQs About Dental Implants That Need Answers

Just as the name suggests, dental implants are artificial options used for replacing lost teeth. If you had a severe case of cavities or perhaps lost a tooth or two in an accident, dental implants are an excellent option for you. Generally, victims of lost teeth feel awkward or self-conscious of their smile, which can ruin their confidence. If you are in the same predicament, you should see a dentist for dental implants. [Read More]

4 Reasons To Consider Tooth Implants After Tooth Loss

Teeth accentuate your facial features to give you a perfect smile. Losing a tooth can be frustrating and embarrassing for most people, especially when they are out in public. Lack of teeth may push you to seek tooth replacement options. Among these attractive tooth replacement solutions are tooth implants that provide myriad benefits compared to other alternatives. As such, if you have been looking into dealing with tooth loss, the following are some reasonable benefits that place dental implants as excellent tooth replacement options. [Read More]

The Genetic Factor: Why Do Some Children Have Worse Teeth Than Others?

The number of American children experiencing some degree of tooth decay is actually on the decline. This might sound like great news, but around 43% of children in the United States have decayed teeth in their mouth, which is still a considerable number. Surely it's the parents' responsibility to make sure their children are brushing and flossing? Unfortunately, it's not quite so straightforward. There are some instances where decay and periodontal disease in children can be linked to their parents, but it's not as though the parent could have known. [Read More]

Caring For Sensitive Teeth: What You Should Do

If you have sensitive teeth, it can make eating or even drinking difficult. If they are very sensitive, even the wind can cause a problem for your teeth and give you that uncomfortable feeling that just makes you cringe. You can't go without eating or drinking, and you surely can't spend the rest of your life avoiding smiling on a windy day, so you have to do something about your sensitive teeth instead. [Read More]