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4 FAQs About Dental Implants That Need Answers

Just as the name suggests, dental implants are artificial options used for replacing lost teeth. If you had a severe case of cavities or perhaps lost a tooth or two in an accident, dental implants are an excellent option for you. Generally, victims of lost teeth feel awkward or self-conscious of their smile, which can ruin their confidence.

If you are in the same predicament, you should see a dentist for dental implants. While you are at it, it is natural to have a few questions in your mind. Below are some FAQs and their answers.

1. Is It Necessary to Replace a Lost Tooth?

Some people have no problem spending the rest of their lives with gaps in their dental formula, so they see no need to fill the gap. However, dental implants are not just about replacing a lost tooth. They are necessary for many good reasons. The lost tooth can cause adjacent teeth to move and cause bone loss or even affect how you chew or speak.

2. How Does the Process Work?

If you have thought about dental implants, you might be curious about how they work. Dentists use titanium material to make artificial teeth. When the tooth is installed at the root of the lost tooth, the bone on that area grips and grows around it, making it look like a natural tooth. No one can tell whether your tooth is artificial or not.

3. Is It Painful?

Some people get anxious even thinking about dentists. If you are going to undergo any dental process, you might want to know what to expect. You will be happy to know there is little to no pain involved. Before the procedure, anesthesia is used to numb the area. A dental laser is then used to put the dental implants in place.

4. How Long Is the Healing Process?

As mentioned earlier, the bone surrounding the new implant secures it in place. You can already tell that this is a rather complicated procedure. Therefore, the healing process varies from one person to another. Generally, you should expect it to heal in a month or two, but some take more or less time to heal.

These are some of the questions about dental implants you might have in mind and their answers. If you have more questions, such as the cost, your dentist answers that since prices vary depending on several factors. Be sure to ask all the other questions you may have.