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How Dental Implants Can Give You Self-Confidence And Make You Feel More Attractive

Dental implants are important for maintaining the position of your other teeth and preventing future dental problems, but they are also a boon for your appearance and self-confidence. You can get a single implant, a bridge supported on implants, or implant dentures. Here's how dental implants help with your appearance.

Missing Teeth Make Your Face Look Older

When you have one or more missing teeth, your facial skin sinks into the gap. This usually isn't an attractive look, and it can make you look older. Your face changes as you age, and one thing that happens is your face loses fat in the cheek area, so your cheeks have a sunken look. You can get this same effect even if you're younger if you have missing teeth that allow your cheeks to sink. When you get dental implants, your cheeks have something to rest on once the gap is filled, so you can maintain a more youthful look.

Dental Implants Help You Have A Healthy Diet

When you have a full set of teeth, you can bite and chew a wide variety of foods. Being able to eat raw vegetables and other healthy foods can give your appearance a boost too. A healthy diet is important for skin health and all-over good general health. In addition to helping you look your best, a healthy diet can also give you energy and make you a fun person to be around.

Missing Teeth Detract From Your Smile

If your missing tooth can be seen when you smile, the gap draws attention to itself. You might be embarrassed to open your mouth because of how unattractive a missing front tooth makes you feel. A dental implant is a perfect solution for a missing front tooth because an implant looks like a real tooth, and it's even color-matched to your natural teeth. No one will know you have an implant, and your smile will be restored so you can laugh and smile again. Looking happy and always smiling helps your appearance too, since a happy look makes you seem friendly and approachable.

Implants Hold Dentures Tight

If you wear dentures because you have several missing teeth, you've probably dealt with issues of the teeth pulling out when you eat or making odd noises when you speak. This can make you feel self-conscious too, and you may want to avoid eating in public. If you're still in the dating pool, you may avoid social encounters due to wearing dentures and the problems they have. Dental implants can change all that. You usually just need a few implants to support a full arch of teeth. The artificial teeth will be firmly implanted in your bone, so they won't slip, fall out, click, or slide around like traditional dentures. This can boost your self-confidence and make you more sociable and attractive. 

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