When Your Body Attacks Your Teeth: Combating Autoimmune Dental Problems

Commonly Needed Dental Treatments

Your smile will be one of the most distinctive features of your appearance. As a result, there are many different dental services that you may need to utilize in order to address routine cosmetic and structural issues with your teeth. 

Tooth Reconstructions

Dental reconstructions can be an important step for restoring your smile after a tooth has suffered extensive damage or developmental issues. In these situations, a tooth reconstruction can be a viable option for restoring the overall appearance of a person's tooth. During this work, the dentist may use bonding and fillers to reconstruct the tooth so that it will have a more natural appearance. This type of reconstruction can be an involved process, but patients will only experience mild discomfort during it. However, it will be able to provide noticeable and immediate improvements to the appearance of the compromised tooth.

Orthodontic Adjustments

Alignment problems are a common developmental issue that people can experience. When a person is suffering from dental alignment issues, they can experience noticeable cosmetic issues as well as difficulty with pronunciation. For these patients, orthodontic adjustments can be a valuable option that will allow them to correct these issues. In addition to traditional braces, Invisalign retainers and clear braces can also be used to provide effective results while reducing the cosmetic impacts that they experience as a result of these adjustments.

Stain Removal

Dental stains can be another problem that will negatively impact a person's smile. Unfortunately, dental stains can be very difficult to remove once they have formed. Rather than attempting to use home kits to whiten their teeth, patients may find it far more efficient and effective to undergo professional whitening treatments. These treatments can be far more effective than what a patient will be able to achieve on their own with a home kit. For those with severe staining, this may be the only option for effectively removing the stains as the dental service will be able to use laser whitening and other modern techniques that are able to remove stains that are deep in the enamel of the teeth.

If you are to preserve the appearance of your smile throughout the course of your life, it is important to know the various types of dental treatments that can be used to help improve and enhance the appearance of your smile. Dental reconstructions, orthodontic adjustments, and deep stain removal treatments can be some of the most commonly used options for restoring a patient's smile.

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