When Your Body Attacks Your Teeth: Combating Autoimmune Dental Problems

Tips For Preparing For A Dental Implant

Once your dentist has decided that you need dental implants, there is a process that you will need to go through to get the implant. The process is not tedious but it helps to know what to expect so that you can have peace of mind before the procedure. Taking the time to learn as much as you can about everything that will happen is the best way to ensure that you are comfortable with the procedure.

Get an Examination

Getting an examination of your teeth is the biggest step in the process. It will give your dentist the information they need to come up with a treatment plan for you. Once your dentist is able to come up with a treatment plan for you it will make things a lot easier. Your dentist will do a visual examination of your teeth and an x-ray as well to find out the condition of your teeth.

Antibiotics May Be Given

There are times when a dentist may ask you to take antibiotics if they find out that you have an immune system that is very weak. You will get the antibiotics before and after the surgery to make sure that your body is ready for the implant and reduce the risk of infection or rejection of the tooth. If you are taking any medication that will affect how the anesthetics will work, your dentist must work in conjunction with your regular doctor to take you off the medication for a brief period of time.

Jaw Preparation

If your jaw needs to be prepared your dentist will do treatments before your implants can be installed. If your jaw is too thin a bone graft will be done. If your jaw is too bulky then the dentist will remove some bone from your jaw. Once your jaw is capable of accepting the implants, your dentist will then go ahead and install them.

After the Procedure

You will need to prepare yourself for a few days to rest so you must get some time off work, if necessary. Also, try to get someone to drive you home as you will not be able to do this for yourself. You may feel groggy from the anesthesia. You may need to eat softer food or liquids for a few days until your jaw feels better.

Getting ready for your implant is important, if you are mentally prepared and your body is ready, your dental implant will be successful.

Reach out to a local dentistry clinic to learn more about dental implants.