When Your Body Attacks Your Teeth: Combating Autoimmune Dental Problems

What Types Of Dental Crowns Exist?

Dental crowns protect teeth that need structural support. Crowns can be used to bolster teeth that have had large cavities removed, teeth that have undergone a root canal, and teeth that have become weakened due to cracks. Dental crowns are made from different materials to suit different budgets and needs. These are four types of dental crowns that are used to protect teeth:

1. Temporary Dental Crowns

Most people who require a dental crown will wear a temporary crown at some point. Temporary crowns are made from acrylic, a type of plastic. These crowns will protect teeth that have been treated and reduced to accommodate a permanent crown but only on a limited basis. Patients are typically given temporary crowns to protect their teeth while their permanent crowns are created. If you're given a temporary crown, you should take special care to avoid chewing gum or hard foods to avoid dislodging the crown.

2. Stainless Steel Dental Crowns

Stainless steel dental crowns are another type of temporary crown, although they are more durable than acrylic crowns. Stainless steel dental crowns are often given to children who have not yet lost all their baby teeth. Even baby teeth are susceptible to cavities and may require fillings or root canals. Stainless steel dental crowns are a more inexpensive alternative to porcelain dental crowns. Children with stainless steel crowns can enjoy food as normal, although they should be advised to avoid chewing especially sticky foods, such as taffy and caramels, with their dental crowns.

2. Porcelain Dental Crowns

Porcelain dental crowns are designed to look just like natural teeth. The type of porcelain used in dentistry is especially hard and durable. Porcelain dental crowns are a great choice for people who want to maintain a beautiful, natural smile. Porcelain can be used to cap your highly visible incisors and canine teeth. With proper care, porcelain dental crowns can last for many years.

4. Porcelain And Metal Dental Crowns

Porcelain and metal dental crowns are created by overlaying porcelain atop a base of metal. These crowns can be more inexpensive than pure porcelain crowns. Some people also find them more durable. Over time, the metal portion of these dental crowns can begin to show through; if the appearance of metal in your mouth will bother you, you may have to schedule a crown replacement when that happens. Your dentist can discuss the pros and cons of dual porcelain and metal dental crowns with you.