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Understanding The Use Of Denture Adhesive

If you have recently been fitted for dentures, then you will likely be receiving your first set of artificial teeth shortly. Dentures will sometimes fit improperly, especially when you slip them in the mouth for the first time. When dentures are loose, they can cause discomfort, especially when they rub against the gums. To keep the dentures from shifting around, invest in denture adhesive. Keep reading to learn how to choose it and use it.

Types Of Denture Adhesives

There are many different kinds of denture adhesive, and these products are sold in creams, powders, and strips. The cream type is the most popular since it can be easily squeezed out onto the underside of each denture to fill in gaps and small spaces. The false teeth can then properly stick to the gum tissues, and movement is reduced. The cream is a polymer material that often contains zinc. The zinc helps to increase the strength of the adhesive so that it can remain effective throughout the day.

If you want the easiest denture adhesive, then the cream is a good choice. The powder is also an option, and it allows for a stronger and more secure type of adhesion. While this is true, the powder is best used after you wear the dentures for a while. Otherwise, your gums will not get used to the slight and natural movements of the artificial teeth. This can lead to prolonged swelling and the development of sores on your gums. 

Denture powders are sprinkled on the underside of the dentures and then pressed on top of the gum tissues. Saliva activates the adhesive and creates a seal between the gums and the artificial teeth.

Adhesive strips are the third type of adhesive. The strips are similar to the cream, but instead of squeezing the adhesive out from a tube, pre-cut strips are pressed down along the underside of the dentures. Adhesive strips do not provide a great deal of adhesion, but they are easy for some individuals to use. 

Denture Adhesive Use

Before using your dental adhesive, make sure your dentures are clean. Use soap, water, and a soft scrub brush to clean them. Rinse with water and dry the dentures. Afterward, read the directions on the container of your denture adhesive. This will help you understand how much of the adhesive to use. Use the recommended amount and then gently press the dentures over the gums.

Denture adhesives can sometimes stick to the dentures. If you have a difficult time removing it, purchase adhesive removal wipes or fluids from your local drugstore. For more information, contact a company like Sidney Dental Associates Inc.