When Your Body Attacks Your Teeth: Combating Autoimmune Dental Problems

All About The Secret Ingredient That Will Keep Your Kid's Teeth Healthier

You know the struggle of getting your child to exhibit healthy oral hygiene. Maybe the flossing and brushing routine is disastrous, which can make any parent stress about the health of their kid's smile. Luckily, there is a secret ingredient that can put your mind at ease and that ingredient is Xylitol. Here's what you need to know:

  • It's Found in Gum: Yes, Xylitol is found in gum, but not the kind of gum that you always thought was bad for your kid. That kind of gum is still bad, but instead it's found in sugar-free gum. The ingredient Xylitol is what makes it taste good, but it's better than sugar because it also fights bacteria and even promotes saliva production, which is needed to continuously wash away bacteria in the mouth throughout the day. This means if your child is chewing sugar-free gum after their meals or snacks, they are less likely to be prone to cavities. 
  • Start at Age Four: The best time to start implementing this habit is around age four. This is when kids have developed the ability to prevent swallowing gum. Just be aware of whether or not your child is still swallowing the gum. You need to teach your children the importance of not swallowing their gum because it's difficult for your body to break down. This could possibly lead to problems with the intestines. This is why when you first start giving your child gum, you should only do so when you are around and able to let them know when it's time to spit it out. 
  • This Does Not Replace Toothbrushing: While this secret ingredient can ease your mind, you still have to remember that it does not replace brushing. Brushing is the only way to remove plaque buildup. If you still struggle to get your child to brush their teeth, you could use gum as a reward. For example, offer the gum as an incentive for brushing their teeth. If their teeth aren't brushed, then they don't get any gum. 

When you know these things about the secret ingredient that will keep your kid's teeth healthier, you can be sure that you have your mind put at ease and it can even make those nightly brushing battles a bit easier. Be sure to talk to your child's dentist when you take them every six months to be sure that everything is checking out and that gum chewing is still providing the benefits it should.