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Orthodontic Options For Your Child

If your child is suffering from misaligned teeth, his or her dentist may suggest that the misalignment is corrected. Here are a few orthodontic options that may be used to correct the dental misalignment in a youngster's mouth: 

Conventional Braces

Conventional metal braces are the braces that you may remember from your youth. Metal brackets are positioned on the front surface of the teeth and an archwire is attached to the brackets using elastic ligatures. Periodically, the orthodontist adjusts the archwire to place more pressure on the teeth to help force them into proper alignment.

The braces may be worn for months or even years, depending on the amount of misalignment involved.

Nowadays, if your child would like a more discreet alignment option, conventional braces are available with ceramic brackets. Since the ceramic brackets are tooth-colored, they are difficult to discern once they are in place. Braces with ceramic brackets can straighten the teeth just as effectively as those with metal brackets.   

Lingual Braces

If your child is exceptionally active, lingual braces may be a great option to align their teeth. Lingual braces do include metal brackets, but the brackets are placed on the side of the teeth that is next to to the tongue. As a result, there are no brackets on the front surface of the teeth to snag sensitive lips. This is especially important if your child roughhouses regularly or participates in sports that can result in a blow to the mouth.

Lingual braces also work well for children who may be playing in their school's band. Wind instruments require you to position your lips properly as you blow into the reed. The position of lingual braces prevents them from hindering proper lip formation.

Teenagers or children who are concerned about their appearance may also prefer lingual braces since the appliance is hidden from view.

Clear Plastic Aligners

Although they are not braces, clear plastic aligners can also align the teeth. If your child's palate is still growing and developing, clear plastic aligners are not usually a suitable option. However, if your child is a teen and his or her palate has already stopped growing, clear aligners can be used to reposition the teeth.

The alignment system consists of multiple sets clear plastic aligners. Each set of aligners is worn for a period before being replaced by the next set in the treatment plan.

To learn about more orthodontic options for your child, schedule an appointment with an orthodontist (such as Cobbe Dental & Orthodontics) in your area.