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Considering Removable Braces? Learn About Proper Care, Protection And Oral Hygiene

If you are thinking about getting invisible braces, then you may be wondering how to keep them and your teeth healthy and clean. Knowing more about how your oral hygiene routine will change and how you will need to protect these braces may help you make the final decision to purchase and wear them. You can find the information you need to maintain your oral and dental hygiene (and how to prevent damage to these special orthodontic devices) below.

Brush and Floss Your Teeth as You Normally Would (and Should)

When you have invisible braces, you can brush and floss your teeth normally. Pop the invisible braces out and brush your teeth at least twice a day. Even though your braces will keep food particles from getting stuck between your teeth, food can still get stuck along the gum lines, so be sure to floss anyway. If your dentist also has you on some type of medicated or pain-reducing mouthwash, be sure to use it when your braces are not in your mouth.

Cleaning and Protecting Your Invisible Braces

Invisible braces will need to be brushed gently, like a set of dentures. You can rinse them in warm water or in a sugar-free mouthwash before reinserting them. Some dentists might ask you to remove your braces entirely at night and wear a special mouthguard, while other dentists will tell you to continue wearing your clear, removable braces all through the night. If your dentist tells you to remove the braces at night while you sleep, you can leave them sitting in a glass of water on your sink or by your bed (so you do not forget to put them on in the morning). The dentist may also give you a special container or cup that will hold your braces and keep them safe at night and during sporting events where they might be damaged while you play (e.g., hockey, baseball, football, etc.).

Things You Should Not Do to Clean Your Braces

Finally, there are some things you should not do to clean your braces. You should not soak them or dip them in bleach; if this chemical does not go in your mouth, it should not go on your braces. Do not use effervescent denture tablets on your braces because they are not made of the same stuff as dentures. If you need something that will remove a really sticky bit of food from your braces, ask a dental office like Port Orchard Dental Care Center for a product that will do the trick. They may have a dental product in the office that they recommend to patients with invisible braces.