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What To Expect When Your Child Needs Braces

If your child is going to be having braces put on, you should educate yourself on what to expect once they leave the dentist's with their new braces. You want to know what the recovery is going to be like and what they should and should not do when they are wearing braces. This article will give you a lot of information so you know how to help your child and make sure they are doing the right things.

Having the braces put on

When you take your child in for braces, you should expect to be there a couple of hours. While things may go faster, the process can take this long. The dentist will put the braces on in that one visit. When your child is getting the braces, there will be quite a bit of pressure put on their teeth and this will make them sore afterward. 

Once the dentist is finished putting the braces on your child, they will give you aftercare instructions. It's important for both you and your child to read these instructions. The dentist will also send your child hoe with a care kit that contains some tools they can use for their braces. An orthodontic wax will be in this kit.

The first few days with their new braces on

Once your child gets home with their new braces on, they may need to take an over-the-counter pain reliever the first few days. Also, they should stick to foods that require little to no chewing. Your child will want to use the orthodontic wax any time they feel the braces are beginning to irritate an area inside their mouth. This will help to prevent sores from developing.

As they continue to get used to the braces

It won't take long before your child gets comfortable with their braces. However, there are certain things they should never do as long as they still have the braces on. Instruct your child to never use their teeth for anything besides chewing. This includes untying knots, opening packages and chewing on straws or pencils. This is especially important when they are wearing braces since they can break the wires and loosen the brackets. 

Let your child know that while braces may be uncomfortable and take a while to get used to, they are going to lead to them having a straight smile after they are finished with the treatment. For further assistance or information, contact a local dentist, such as Cassity, Jessica DDS.