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Dangers Of Leaving Wisdom Teeth In Your Mouth

Most people will start to develop their wisdom teeth between the ages of 17 and 25. They are indeed called wisdom teeth because they start to grow in later in life when people are considered to start gaining some wisdom. Many people will remove these teeth shortly after they begin to develop. Is this really necessary? Doesn't this affect your ability to chew?

As it turns out, wisdom teeth are not actually needed and can begin to cause problems if not properly taken care of.

Complications from Not Removing Wisdom Teeth

1. Shifting Teeth. As you age and your wisdom teeth start to grow and develop, they will begin to impinge on your other teeth. This will cause the teeth to start to move and shift. This is because the jaw is usually too small to correctly allow the wisdom teeth to grow in straight, and they will grow at an angle. This will cause all the teeth to misalign.

2. Gum Irritation. Because wisdom teeth often do not fully develop and emerge from the gums, it can begin to cause gum pain and inflammation. This makes it harder to clean the tooth and gums as bacteria will infect the partially emerged area. This is often known as pericoronitis. This gum disease is also known to cause sinus infections and other sinus-related problems.

3. Bone Loss. If the wisdom teeth are no removed in a timely manner, bone loss can also occur. This is due to the bacteria that will begin to eat away at your jawbone. Again this is due to the fact that wisdom teeth seldom grow in correctly and will cause disease and infection.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

If any of the above symptoms are experienced, it is more than likely that the wisdom teeth will need to be removed. It may also be prudent to remove the wisdom teeth before they start to cause a problem and before you experience pain. The ideal time is around 16-17 years old. This allows the wisdom teeth to develop enough for an oral surgeon to feel comfortable enough to remove them.

By removing the wisdom teeth at the appropriate time, you will also reduce the chance of medical complications, such as dry socket.

It is important to understand the signs and dangers of keeping your wisdom teeth in. If not taken care of, they can cause long term damage to your mouth. Consult your dentist, like Southland Smiles, Ltd, for more information.