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3 Restorative Treatments Your Family Dentist Can Do

If you have a large family, it's important to save time and money. One way to accomplish this goal is by going to a family dentist for all of your dental needs. It's possible to schedule many appointments on the same day for you or your children. Knowing what restorative treatments your family dentist can perform is helpful.

Dental Fillings

The key to saving a tooth and restoring it as quickly as possible is by getting it filled. In order to obtain a dental filling, the decay must fall within the classification of one to six. This will dictate the extent of the cavity and what is required to fix it.

This process involves the dentist removing the decay and using a composite material to restore it. Common types of composite materials that are used include gold, porcelain and amalgam.

The average cost to fill a tooth that is classified as a one or two is $50-$150, and to fill a tooth classified three and up is $120-$300.

Dental Crowns

If a member of your family has a tooth that's severely decayed beyond the classification of six, a dental crown may be necessary. This process usually takes two visits to the dental office to be completed.

Listed below are the steps for getting a crown:

1. The dentist will remove all of the decay.

2. There will be an impression made of the tooth.

3. A dental lab will make the crown.

4. The dental patient will be called back into the office to have the crown cemented in place.

Dental crowns can immediately restore a tooth and are long lasting. Crowns can last 15 years and in some cases even longer.

The average cost of a dental crown is $500-$1,500 per tooth.

Dental Bridges

Replacing missing teeth for any family member is important. One of the most effective ways to get this job done is with dental bridges. These consist of crowns that are created for the missing teeth and are joined together to create a bridge.

The cost of dental bridges is based on the number of crowns that are necessary for restoration.

Getting teeth restored when necessary will improve the overall health of the teeth. Be sure to rely on a family dentist such as Hudson Family Dental to meet all of the needs of you and your family members. Understanding what your family dentist can do will make your visits to them more effective.