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Dental Implants: Qualifications For Restoring Missing Teeth With Titanium Implants

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Implant dentistry is the use of titanium rods to secure crowns permanently into your mouth, creating natural-looking teeth where teeth are missing. Although many people can benefit from this technological advance in dentistry, not everyone is a viable candidate for this type of restorative dentistry. Your Age Matters When Discussing Dental Implants Children and teenagers who have not stopped growing are not good candidates for dental implants. The implant is permanent, and putting a titanium implant into a growing jawbone isn’t going to be successful over the long haul. You can be considered for a permanent dental implant once you are out of your teenage years. Dental Implants are Not Recommended During Pregnancy Implants require X-rays, the use of antibiotics, and anesthesia, all of which are not recommended while you are pregnant. While it is argued that dental implants...

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Teeth Cleaning: Are You Using The Correct Flossing Tips?

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A large number of people neglect to floss although they know they shouldn’t do this. In any good dental hygiene routine, flossing is an essential element. It is not possible to clear away all food debris and bacteria build-up by just brushing. You can help ward off tooth decay and loss of teeth with correct flossing. But what technique should you use for flossing? Here are some of the fundamental rules for correct flossing.   The 5 Basic Rules for Correct Flossing Make sure you floss every day. A lot of people like to floss before they go to bed, but in truth this can be done at any time during the day. However, you really shouldn’t limit flossing to just once per day. The primary aim is to clear away all the food particles and plaque from around and between the...

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Warning Signs It’s Time To See A Periodontist

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A periodontist is a specialized dentist who focuses on preventing, diagnosing, and treating advanced stages of gum disease (such as periodontitis). Many periodontists also specialize in dental implants. Your regular dentist’s office may or may not have a periodontist on its staff; if not, and if you’re having problems with your gum or jaw bone health, you may need to be referred to a specialist. Here are a few of the most common warning signs that it’s time to schedule an appointment with a periodontist. Your Gums Bleed (Seemingly for No Reason) While it’s not entirely uncommon for a person’s gums to bleed on occasion after brushing or flossing too hard, your gums shouldn’t be bleeding regularly or without a reasonable cause. If they do, this could be a sign that you have gingivitis or have even developed periodontal...

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Don’t Ruin Your Visions Of Sugarplums With A Toothache This Holiday Season

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Think about the holidays and you probably have visions of family gatherings, office parties, and, of course, plenty of holiday goodies. With tables laden with cookies, cakes, and pies to tempt you, it’s difficult to keep your teeth healthy as you enjoy the season. Don’t ruin your “visions of sugarplums” with a painful toothache on the night before your Christmas celebration. Use these helpful tips to protect your teeth. Tip #1 – Drink Water After Eating   When you’re bustling about from party to party or heading out to do last minute shopping, it’s easy to forget to brush your teeth after every snack or meal. If you don’t have a chance to head to the bathroom to brush your teeth, make sure you drink water after eating. Water helps to wash away cavity-causing sugar and bacteria. Another option...

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Light-Accelerated Bleaching

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Your smile says a lot about you. According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 99.7% of people believe a smile is an important social asset and nearly three-quarters believe people with an unattractive smile may be hurting their chances at a successful career. In one survey, when asked what they would most like to improve about their smile, the majority of individuals responded with, “whiter, brighter teeth.” Whitening or bleaching teeth is the most common cosmetic dental procedure, and while many over-the-counter whitening kits promise results, in-office procedures are generally regarded as safer and more effective. Laser teeth whitening, also known as light-accelerated bleaching, is one of the more popular dentist-supervised treatments many people opt for in search of whiter teeth. Read on to learn more about the process and see if it’s right for you. How It Works From...

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